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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
I am dead serious that the debt ceiling should not be raised one cent. What needs to happen is to cut the federal budget far further than you could even fathom. It would be best to cut the federal budget to the point where you no longer recognize it as the same government. In fact, it would not be the same government. It would be closer to what it was when this nation was better. That was when a state was much more than just a political sub-division.
Then you DON'T want the Paul Ryan budget that the Republicans just passed in the House. It would require 6 more votes to increase the debt ceiling over the next 10 years.

This whole thing is a joke, because the Republican's own budget far out-spends the current debt ceiling by trillions of dollars. That's why the Republicans were up all night calling their Wall Street buddies telling them not to put any weight on this vote, because it was all just smoke and mirrors. Too bad the international and small investors didn't get the message, so the stock market tanked today because of the House's game playing.

Sadly, you seem to actually BELIEVE the BS the Republicans are slinging. Do you actually believe the Republicans are going to hold the national debt at 14.3 trillion? Seriously??? I bet you thought Bush was going to be a fiscal conservative when you voted for him, who would cut the deficit instead of doubling it. When will you folks realize you are being lied to by the very folks who's legs you hump?