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Originally Posted by 1997gtx View Post
I can't tell if you just like posting this stuff because you think it sounds cool, or if you REALLY just don't understand ANYTHING that you're talking about.

This isn't really a big deal, other than the fact that not raising the debt ceiling eventually will be the worst thing to happen to this country since GWB.

Purely a political move, with many Dems voting against it because of it.

ps - John Boehner DIDN'T EVEN VOTE.

pps - you're such a clown.
I am dead serious that the debt ceiling should not be raised one cent. What needs to happen is to cut the federal budget far further than you could even fathom. It would be best to cut the federal budget to the point where you no longer recognize it as the same government. In fact, it would not be the same government. It would be closer to what it was when this nation was better. That was when a state was much more than just a political sub-division.