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Originally Posted by 335R1 View Post
Reading comprehension has also escaped you. I don't recall saying changing laws to accomodate for a better system of justice. When I said change some things, did you assume I meant laws? So if you did use my comment as evidence, then it's circumstantial at most and misinterpreted completely. I don't believe you explained the concept of law and justice, you did however infered they were different through police excercise of enforcement and discretion.

I didn't do shit for you anywhere. So don't for once think you're special enough and worthy of sacrifice. Like I said, you only reaped the benefits of our sacrifices. But we sure as hell didn't do it for you. I did it for everything else, but you. I did it for reasons and causes beyond your understanding. I did it for everyone else I give two shits about. That puts your importance in the crevice of the pebble beneath my boots. I served two combat tours, Iraq wasn't one of them.

Wow, I can only guess the last two sentences were a jabbed at the military. That right there is more ignorant than the idiot causing risks in shitty neighborhoolds where "the police are nowhere to be found". So what exactly do you want to debate? Crime control, legal and justice system, sociol order, international policy or do you want to continue bashing uniformed civilian and military? I'll tell you what, if you're feeling a little less important for whatever reason, make an appointment. I'll let you carry my bags for me.
1. They are not different through police enforcement, they are just different. Cops can only enforce the law. Therefore they can't accommodate justice since they are bound by law, right? That's my point.

2. You assume I don't understand your motives, fine, your particular motives don't matter in this discussion. Every individual acts rationally, even when they think they aren't. Self-sacrifice is possible only because of the psychological benefit of doing so that outweighs the fear of death. And we've come full circle where you admit that you're not serving for me. Great, that's my point. You serve for yourself, for the feeling of being a man that lives by his principles. That's important.

3. My point is mainly that a job is a job. I'm not bashing anyone, all I want is for the charade to stop. A lot of shortcomings are justified by "I served", or "I keep you safe at night" rhetoric, and that's where I have a problem. Just because someone puts their ass on the line doesn't mean they can justify their shitty attitudes, or worse, actions by that.

4. Just because I haven't served doesn't mean I haven't seen a fair share of fucked up shit. Growing up in a Soviet block country in the 90s had it's fair share of inconvenient factors.