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Originally Posted by M3350Z View Post
Going into effect in 2020 enacted by CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) and put into action by the senate. I think it will be a beneficial step towards the progression of the automotive industry and hopefully will eventually cease our dependence on oil. I'm wondering how greatly this is going to effect the market and what kind of choices we will be seeing within the next decade. What do you guys think about this?
Total BS because it does nothing to address consumption. See chart below, consumption and therefore imports continue unabated based on growth in the economy and other factors. Note when consumption was declining, we were in a major recession.

CAFE has had no meaningful impact whatsoever on consumption.

CAFE has forced smaller cars upon us - which are generally less safe.

We have driven more and more miles with CAFE. From 1977 to 2001, the number of miles driven every year by Americans rose by 151% -- about five times faster than the growth in population, according to data compiled for a 2006 report to the U.S. Department of Transportation. What impact has CAFE had on miles driven? CAFE makes it more possible to drive our smaller cars for more miles and pay the same total gas price.

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