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Havin' a blast!
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Glad y'all enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by yandy View Post
fun video! thanks for sharing.

funny about halfway through the video (probably should've remembered the timestamp) you lost the drift and were stopped on the track, I think I heard people cheering and clapping or something..
Yeah, there's a grand stand right behind where that spin took place.

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Lol...what brand undies do you wear? I'm buying stock in that company!

Enjoyed the video. The first clip must have been a big oh shit moment. The E9X M3 is an amazing machine. Once you turn off the DSC...whole different ballgame and about x10 more fun!


Originally Posted by Sal@AUTOcouture View Post
Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing

Try to be less abrupt when turning in, as you can see the car gets quite unsettled lol.
Yep, being smooth is one of the things I'll be working on when the new car's ready.

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lol....that was a lot of bent out of shape moments! Are you sure you and bigjae were not separated at birth
lulz, yep I'm sure. But, I think we hail from the same gene pool from the peninsula.

Originally Posted by djr1126 View Post
Quick hands! Fun to watch!
Glad you enjoyed it!

Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
Most of the moments looked like you've done it on purpose just to keep things interesting

But damn, those tracks in the middle of a desert are awesome for exploring the limits. If you lived near Watkins Glen or Mosport, the video would have been much shorter.
Yeah, we're lucky here in SoCal. I see track videos from north-east and, woh, walls and trees right off of the tracks...

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at 3:04 thats what i do when im eating a burger in one hand and driving at the same time. Don't need no dsc. seriously thou they should put you in the next trasnporter movie.

Originally Posted by Sales@Carrozzeria View Post
I saw 11+ minutes and figured I'd watch the first few minutes, ended watching the whole thing and now searching for the next track day. Looks so fun, I miss it!
BRP 1:56 | CVR 2:01 | ACS 1:53 | WSIR 1:34