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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
I have read about this a few times and have come to the conclusion that I probably need to do this, but there is no discussion on exactly what must be done and no pics.

If I just remove the helper spring (even if it is fully compressed at full droop, which I believe it is) I imagine I would have to adjust the spring perch upward significantly to keep the same ride height?

The problem is that I have 0 toe already, so if I screw up ride height at all then I will need an alignment to fix the toe.

Anyone actually done this?
You'll have to raise the spring perch 29mm (about 1-1/8") to get the same ride height. Make sure that there's enough thread above the perch before you start.

Basically, you're shortening the spring stack by removing 25mm of helper spring that's pressed from a spiral into a cylinder by the weight of the car, and 4mm of spring spacer.