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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
He doesn't want to increase military spending, just keep it as it is. Obama wants to lower the spending, that's a common misconception of a part of his plan.
That's not true at all. He has plans on increasing the military spending 2 Trillion dollars.

He doesn't want to increase military spending, just
IMO gays do it worse by forcing it onto the public through gay pride parades making out on the streets, demonstrating in front of Chic-fil-A by groping each other (seen it ughh..), demanding gay marriage to be taught early in school to naive kids, all in all it isn't natural but if you must...please please keep it to themselves.

So this is a complete bigotry here. Do you think you aren't rubbing it in by wearing your wedding band in front of another loving couple who cannot enjoy the same basic rights? If we are going to make marriage a government institution besides just a religious one then there shouldn't be a limitation.

No-one is demanding that gay marriage be taught in schools (really? What does that even mean?). Chic-fil-a on the other hand is funding people who teach the bigotry you are demonstrating here.

Any time you say "them gays" you what you are typing/saying after that is probably rude and offensive. Being that gay rights is a big deal is due to the fact that they have been suppressed by biggots like yourself for so long. Want them to quite down then give them what they way. The same rights you enjoy as a straight person. Your beliefs and opinions have no right dictating the rights of others.

FYI. I am straight myself, but I believe that everyone deserves the same basic rights no matter their religion or sexual orientation.

This just makes me sick that in 2012 this is still an issue.