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This isn't about a damn video. Our country, from near the founding, have been fighting Islamist. The Barbary pirates were beaten down in Tripoli in 1801 by the Marines. Newsflash, they weren't mad that George Bush invaded Iraq.

The moral equivalency of "hurt feelings" over a crappy-made video vs. Muslims who actually behead or hang Americans from a bridge and burn their bodies on national tv is a sign of the biggest form of cowardice. You can not appease evil. PERIOD.

When you start to understand that they want nothing but to kill non-believers or have them bow before them - then you'll get why they get angry. When they bombed the Marine barracks in 1983 (newsflash, Bush wasn't to blame then either) - Reagan shot a missile up Ghaddafi's kid's ass and he was quiet for the next 25 years.

I miss the days when the USS New Jersey launched a 16-inch gun broadside against Libya and carpet-bombed them into submission. You f@#$ with the dragon, you get the tail.
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