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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Indeed, exactly. It will all come down to this.

If this pairing can stay on task and message then attention deficit Americans will have an opportunity to understand and then decide. It'll be a hard sell. On one hand there will be the "bread and circuses", everything-is-OK offerings of the dems and on the other, a chance to sacrifice to achieve a better America, but later.
From what I've read about their plan, the sacrifice will be made by the middle class and the elderly. The "better America" will belong to the rich.

I feel like I'm on a bus heading downhill into a dark tunnel. I have no idea what's at the other end or if we'll even make it through. We *might* be ok, but there is no way of knowing. It's the lack of any sort of confidence in either choice for bus driver that gets me. I don't think either of them (Obama or Romney) know any more about what's waiting for us than I do. They just act like they do.

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