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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
...and have an adult conversation with the voters. The Ryan choice says that for the Republicans it really is about the economy, framed in terms of budget and business. It's the big showdown and, like others, I hope America can face up to the hard choices and get excited enough to go vote for the hard right as opposed to nobama's easy wrong. This team is not gonna get distracted with all the dog and cat dem issues that they will use to try to keep their base together and distract the peeps. Let the dems worry about the small stuff. Stay on message, fix the economy, make the changes that give America a chance to get back on track. I'm pleased, just somewhat cautious about this team's (or any team) ability to persuade the great unwashed. Go team!
How can we have an adult conversation with you when you can't even show enough respect for the office of the president to use the words President Obama? You may disagree with his policies, but at least show respect for the office. If you are really ex-army you would know that.

Now on to your statement. I feel that the decision to put Paul Ryan in as the running mate shows the direction the GOP wants to take this election. Ryan has been very vocal about his want to make social security private, and to get rid of medicare. The GOP is trying to go as far to the right as possible to see how far their base will allow them to go. I doubt this will sit well with the senior citizens that often make up a good portion of the Republican party. And ultimately will blow up in their faces.

The other way to look at this is, they have chosen Ryan as a running mate to have an obvious scapegoat to look at when they lose the election in november.