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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
Having lived in the SF Bay Area for 10 years, I've made the trip many times, and I know what you mean about the last 10-20 miles to Tahoe or Bear. Why don't you just get a set of chains?

Unless you've lowered the car, that's a very simple, cheap, and effective solution. That's what I did, and I was driving an E30 in those days.
That was something I considered, but:
  1. While getting stuck has been a problem sometimes, my biggest fear is the loss of steering. I've experienced that a few times even while going straight on a road, and I don't believe chains will help that much in that case.
  2. I haven't found chains or cables or tire socks that will fit the stock 19" wheels while also clearing the wheel well. I've only seen chains for SUVs that are much thicker.

Am I wrong on either of those points?