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Talking Fired my research you go. 12 months 2 weeks ago....

Heres just two of the responses...

Originally Posted by Davo2003
Yes, I know I have brought up a similar thread previously, but sounds like more fact than fiction day by day. As the horsepower and sales wars heat up, BMW may have their hand forced on this one.

How so? Because you came up with the idea, now it sounds like fact?

And yet another expert gives his 2 cents...

It goes against M philosophy in so many different ways. This issue has been hammered to death on this forum.

1) BMW doesn't touch their precious M engines until the 7 year recycle
2) The redline won't be high enough
3) As of now (lots of talk about M turning to DI), M cars are only high revving, low displacement naturally aspirated engines
*Not to mention that BMW will never, never share an engine between it's consumer line and M line, never.

Those are the main points I can think of. Lots of technicians on the forum can go into major detail explaining why a consumer DI engine simply can't meet M standards.
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