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Originally Posted by Carolyn0944 View Post
You have a new home; no more sadness, ill health, etc. and are join your family members that went ahead of you if they had salvation; I look forward to seeing my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents;

I cannot help but wonder if you are young or middle aged; have you ever had any crises in your life that you needed to draw strength from a greater power? I don't know how I could handle some of those crisis times without my Lord to give me strength and my church family to support me. I've had to care for ailing parents, watch them die; I've had other things much closer to me like the armed robbery of my hubby & I that I mentioned on another thread; children that have given me problems in the past. When everything is going great and you have nothing to devastate you, then, it is much easier to say "I'll do it myself."

Our total purpose on this earth is to spread the gospel of Christ to as many as we can and to love one another as Christ loved the church (enough to die for it). The church is not a "building" but a group of people that meet for worship in His name. What practices do we as Christians have that you feel are so bizarre?
Here is one question I have asked e90im a few times without much of an answer:
e90im, what is it in the real world (not talking philosophy here) that Christians and religious people miss out on that you don't miss out on?
It appears that he doesn't want to give a real answer.
  • Though I don't know it, I suspect that e90im is of Asian descent and that although he knows English pretty well, it is his second language.
  • His age is in the range of mid-twenties to mid-thirties.
  • He lives in moral relativism and therefore he must not believe in God because it would mean he would have to answer to a higher power for what he is doing.
  • He had a taste of religion, but never had faith. The religion didn't give him what he wanted, so he quickly abandoned it.
  • He fell back on the secular teachings he had received as a student and from television.
  • He reads what appeals to the secularist views he holds.
  • If well presented, he will believe the words of a scientist whether that scientist is wrong or not.
  • When a better scientific theory is presented, he will sometimes dismiss the first theory in favor of the second and not question himself as to why he believed the first. After all, everything is relative.
  • He thinks he is analytical and superior.
  • He may have been involved in a cult, perhaps satanic, but found that to be unsatisfying, He didn't hate God enough to continue.
  • He finds it easier to deny God than to accept him.
  • He is ashamed and would not discuss the details of his failings with anyone, especially not Christians.
Most of these impressions are probably wrong, but I would be surprised if e90im would reveal much of himself.