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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
so you believe in other deities aside from your "God?" That's a new one!

As for the difference in time, how convenient! I'm sure that the humans that wrote the Bible however, must have known that (considering back then, God spoke directly to the people all the time, right?) Or if they didn't, why would they so arbitrarily make up such a time estimate? Particularly when many of the Old Testament characters lived for many hundreds of years? You claim the Bible speaks to some other place than earth. All the editions I've read (yes, many) all started with Genesis on EARTH, with Earth's scale of time and distance.

As for making the lame walk, the blind see, David Koresh did the same thing. Was he a prophet too? Last I checked, the duped Christians that decided he was Christ re-born, all unquestionably believed in "Him," and witnessed him regularly heal the sick.

What makes their testament any different or less reliable than one passed on via oral tradition for many generations before being written down? Isn't an account recorded direct from the source in 1980 more reliable than 3,000 years of manipulation, exaggeration and personalization? Isn't the Bible, essentially the longest game of telephone ever?
I never deny there are other gods besides a Holy God; there are many gods that people worship including statues in other religions; money & fame on earth are gods in themselves; anything that you put before an almighty God you can count as a god;

As for David Koresh; that's a new one on me; I never knew he made the blind to see or the lame to walk; this is a case where people seeking "religion" not faith are like those that follow TV evangelist; they have not studied or read the Bible enough to know false gods from the real thing.

Some bible scholars believe that the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible which contains the laws) were written by Moses. That being said, if you read the Old Testament, do you ever question how so many years before Christ's birth & death, it was prophesied of his coming, of John the Baptists coming, and even the end of the world. These OT books were written long before Paul, Peter, Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Judah, etc. were ever born and who fulfilled the OT prophesies in the NT. It all fell into place.

The intricate details of the OT & NT and completion of each book could not possibly been written without divine intervention. No writer on earth could be this perfect in writing a novel or book of this length without mistakes.
When you speak of man writing this book, don't you think that when man, or more than one man, got involved in trying to construct this book, there would have been so many errors from one chapter or book to another; only under the divine hand of God could these records have been written with such precision.

As far as believing there are other places than earth; yes, I believe there are other places than earth; our solar system is full of other planets, the mormons even believe they're going to go to one ????; but I also know there is a heaven, and a hell. Just because we can't see it, feel it, or touch it; doesn't mean it's not there.