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Originally Posted by STIHLBOLTS View Post
I sell fasteners for a living. That rust is not the fasteners fault. Those are plain fasteners. IE there is no coating on those socket head cap screws that I could see. Even with zinc coated fasteners in that application you are going to get rust sooner or later depending on the area of the country you live in. Northern salt sprayed roads would assist that corrosion. Stainless could have been used, but if they were using an aluminum housing maybe that was nixed. .02
Actually, they're Geomet coated fasteners. You can see the coating has dissolved, which is the shiny streaks running down the face of the calipers. That's classic acid exposure. The Trophy calipers on my C6 Corvette are several years old and still look like new.

If the goal is to get these brakes looking great again, check out the work of Mike Golding at He does some amazing powdercoating and is an expert at caliper rebuilding. He's famous on the Corvette forums.

StopTech probably won't just send new bolts because, to replace them on an ST-60 Trophy caliper requires removal of the cross-over tube. With corrosion, there may be a risk of stripping and things could go downhill fast with a DIY replacement. This is all within the abilities of Mike Golding, however. So he may be the best way to move forward and get this resolved.

Good luck!
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