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Originally Posted by tres View Post
One of the best ways to lose belly fat is (1) diet (2) you can do some sit ups or any ab workout in the morning, try starting with your max on the first day and increase it by 5 or 10 every week. After your sit ups immediately go for a run, try and do at least 2miles if you can at your own pace and time yourself so you have and idea how well you are doing. shoot for 17 mins.
You can target exercises and develop the muscles in one part of your body, but you can't target fat burning on one particular part.
For example, if you did a thousand situps a day, you still wouldn't show a six-pack while your upper body and legs are full of fat.
If you did the thousand situps a day, you'd have a nice six-pack, for sure, but it wouldn't show because there would be a layer of fat covering it.
Men, particularly older men, have a propensity to store fat in the belly region. So, by the time a 40-year old male can display a nice six-pack, his entire body is pretty much lean mass. If he never did any upper body exercise, his upper body would look ugly as hell without any fat, but he'd have a six-pack to die for.