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Originally Posted by MEMMEZZ View Post
you should definitely talk to more attorneys. the law is what your attorney can make of it and nothing is a certainty. depending on the attorney, your situation can result anywhere from you giving her a ferrari every year to her paying you!

-Research your attorney before consults
-Word of mouth is the best way to find a good attorney
-And never pay an attorney for the first consult unless you know for a fact that they are the best.

Lastly you should target an attorney who has some business/asset management background so they can also advise you on the myriad of ways to "re-organize" your assets leaving her with very little to fight this legal battle.

I called 6-7 lawyers and none of them offered free conculatation. Only 2 of them offer "complimentary" conculatation : fee becomes part of your retainer if you decide to go with him.

No offence to anyone one but I am beginning to think that there are not much difference between lawyers and thieves excepth lawyer do it legally