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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
I agree that the V3 mounting style is slick. However, that isn't something that I put much weight on considering rotor replacement is relatively infrequent. Durability, price and performance (plus weight) are far more important to me. You are in a unique position to directly compare those aspects. I'll be curious to see your long term findings. PFC definitely has the race pedigree and the fact that Porsche is using them on their cup cars is a huge testimony. I would argue that AP Racing has even more race pedigree and certainly more history given they have been around for a longer time frame. I would gladly run PFC on my car. My only gripe is the fact that they don't provide caliper diagrams (hard to check wheel fitment without that).
I'm happy AP exists and they have great support. I really like that there's another true top tier kit for us track people for the E9X, as the rest are not up to par. It's also comforting to know AP will probably release brackets to adapt their kit to the G80 within a month or so of the car coming out.