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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
Thanks for sharing your experience. Curious why you view the AP rotors as a step down from PFC?
Two main points:

No 'v3' style mounting. So the rotor is mounted to the hat using little bolts/nuts/spacers which take quite a while to swap. Use that, then swap a rotor that uses the 'v3' architecture like the PFC Z54 kit and it's night and day.
For the V3 I need a screwdriver and maybe 10 minutes. For the regular rotor style... you'd better have a chair.

The casting. The AP rotor uses a rough casting on the outer and inner surfaces of the vanes. The PFC has machined surfaces.

We'll see about durability as well. I have pretty good data in terms of pad consumption, taper wear and rotor wear for the PFC, I'm looking forward to seeing how AP handles itself.
So far only 1 set of pads on the AP but the taper wear was significant. Will give the kit the benefit of the doubt and see what happens with the second set of pads.