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Originally Posted by dogears View Post
... It is FAR superior to the 9500 Escort built in, IMO.
Your opinion is based on ... what?

Originally Posted by dogears View Post
I NEED front and back radar detection here in Jersey. The K40 has it, the Escort does not. Of course, the V1 or windshield Escort does. But, these are not stealth. Mine is really uber cool built in...... Done privately btw.
The Escorts, both windshield and remote mount, most certainly can pick up rear radar and laser.

How do you define stealth? Is it hidden away? Because the Escort 9500ci and Qi45 can be just as hidden as any K40.

Or do you define stealth as the ability to avoid detection by the Spectre RDD? Because the K40 can most definitely be picked up by the Spectre and is not at all stealthy in this respect. The only detectors that are immune to the Spectre are the Escort 9500ci, Escort Redline, Beltronics STI Driver and Beltronics STI-R (which is no longer available).

Not trying to nitpick, but your post is perilously close to misinformation and that is really a big disservice to the board members here.


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