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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Yeah but you have to find it funny, jon was a G-power fanboy to the fullest. Nothing was better when he was running the G-power SC. Now he is on the Gintani bandwagon and now talks crap on other SC kits including ESS. Tightie is guilty of the same thing.

What you keep failing to understand, is no one said a stroker gets more power. Nobody said that. If you are 1/4 mile junky then yes SC would be the way to go. But honestly around a track, no question I would prefer to be NA.
I was really a fan boy for sure because I liked my G-power while it worked uh ok. I'm guilty. Has nothing to do with my post and FYI I was always supportive of Gintani way before my G-power came in to the picture it's not all of a sudden so what's your point?

You love ESS good for you and now all of a sudden you rather be N/A hurray for you no one gives a fuck. Stay N/A then but you have no idea what your talking about. Maybe if your running a kit with no cooling you might have problems but if its properly designed and has efficient cooling it won't be a problem. Ask niterider his car runs awesome on the track and he's not one to pussyfoot around the track. In fact look up the GS bildeler ESS race car that will crush any N/A M3 stroker or not on the track. Haven't you seen the vids? I'm sure drifting around the track all day would have caused engine problems by now if it was a real problem and the only problems they ever had is they crashed it while drifting which could have happened to any car. So quit posting dumb stuff newb.