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the problem with AKRA is just too quite...

I had a full xpipe no cat no res and was damn too loud...

also had Full xpipe with high flow cat with a resonator and it was perfect only problem is cel will trigger even on a high flow cat... keep in mind that some get the cel and some dont with a high flow cat...

I also had a full xpipe with no cat but with resonator... it was a bit tamed but yes was still loud enough that cops will look and might pull you over.

the most hated part is that without a cat the smell is just insane.. ive had cars without cats before specially in my s2000 and i was able to take the smell... on an M3?

fawk that this thing fart like shit... its so bad that everyone can smell 4-5 cars down.

My suggestion if you want something a bit louder? get an xpipe with

high flow cat with res... but my recomendation...

get the turner or MS pipe... it is the best set up without breaking the bank.. xpipe are a joke when it comes to a price specially for our cars M3.... test pipe will do the same and i highly recommend.

$450 bucks pipe, you really cant complain compare to $1500-$3000 full xpipe...

and to avoid the cel i suggest get the BMS or AKRA delete R. or better yet get a tune for some xtra power