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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
OK, let's assume your facts are entirely correct. From my point of view, that means the marketplace has decided that the Audi S3 is clearly worth the money, and the A3 as well, since this platform is Audi's best seller, per you.

One would assume that Audi is making a bunch of money on the A/S3, and this is a problem for you? Do you also hate on BMW for having a very high (close to the highest) profit per car out of all manufacturers?

Do you also hate on Porsche for have the highest profit per car in the industry?


PS - I tend to not suffer fanboys/haters lightly, on this or any other forum. I think BMW makes some great cars, but so does Audi.
Since you apparently love facts here you go:

I do not hate it because they make a huge amount of profit on it. The Captialist in me loves this, I hate the fact that they praise the A3/TT as a piece of german crafting while it is built in a former soviet union country.

I love Porsche Cars (Except the Cayenne and the Boxster). They are terrific. So do I love Mercs. But I hate Audis. For practically lying to their customers.

Would you honestly buy a high priced Vino that says it is high cultivated ITALIAN Wine 1985, but was adulerated, lets say in Kasachstan?