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Originally Posted by ChRR1000S View Post
Ok here is a Fact about Audi:

The Audi which gets sold most is probably the A3.
Now this particular Audi and his derivates (S3/RS/TT/TTRS) share the plattform with the golf, which is a great car no doubt.

Now the Golf is being built in Wolfsburg, Germany. So it indeed is a piece of german engineering/crafting.

The Audi A3 is built in Hungary, a country with very low salary standards. Low Taxes. The most sold models have the TFSI engines, which come from the Factory in Mexico. Another low salary country.

Lets compare the Facts:

The Audi S3 is 41% more expensive over here than the equaly Golf R even though the Audi gets crafted together in a low salary country.

So yes, I dislike the brand "Audi" for charging 40% more money on a Golf that is being built in Hungary.

PS: This is a BMW forum, what did you expect
OK, let's assume your facts are entirely correct. From my point of view, that means the marketplace has decided that the Audi S3 is clearly worth the money, and the A3 as well, since this platform is Audi's best seller, per you.

One would assume that Audi is making a bunch of money on the A/S3, and this is a problem for you? Do you also hate on BMW for having a very high (close to the highest) profit per car out of all manufacturers?

Do you also hate on Porsche for have the highest profit per car in the industry?


PS - I tend to not suffer fanboys/haters lightly, on this or any other forum. I think BMW makes some great cars, but so does Audi.