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Originally Posted by ChRR1000S View Post
Yet another ugly and heavy VW.
With every new car they release Audi moves further away from their origins: The original legendary Quattro.
They keep gettin heavier, bigger, and stay soulless. Hate this. They´re not even close to BMW when it comes to sportiness or soul.

Straight line figures on Paper mean nothing when it does not corner properly.(

And I think Audi is doing BMW Enthusiasts a favor:

People who dont care about driving/handling and being blinded by Figures on Paper will buy Audis, while real Motoring-Enthusiasts will stay with BMW.

I do not see myself buying an overexpensed VW anytime soon.
Everybody's entitled to their opinion, but opinions should somehow be related to actual facts.

Fact 1: Audi's "origins" go back to pre-war Germany, where in fact the legendary Auto Union race car was built in the late '30s. The four interlocked circles are in fact representative of the original Auto Union enterprise. By comparison, "Quattro" is very recent, and far from Audi's origins.

Fact 2: When you're talking about bigger, heavier, and without soul, I hope you'ved saved some of your hate for BMW and other brands who are all marching in lockstep in this regard.

Fact 3: Perhaps you've missed some of the postings in this forum wherein the RS5 tends to be quicker around race tracks than the M3, and perhaps you've also missed the recent Car & Driver test where the comparatively lowly S6 beat up on the M5? You think the RS7 will not be quicker and handle better than the S6?

Fact 4: Calling an Audi an "ugly and heavy VW" is just silliness, and has no basis in fact. None.

Last fact: These manufacturers (along with Mercedes) arguably make terrific cars. They all handle well, go well, stop well, and for the most part, look very good as well. Hating on one or another of these brands in order for you to feel better about "your" brand is just dumb. Individual preferences vary.


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