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Originally Posted by Hens View Post
My 2c on the GTR. At normal driving speeds, the thing is in everyway inferior to the m3. Its noisy and clunky and it really is very boring to drive, the sensation of speed just isnt there at lower speeds.

of course that all changes for truly "spirited" driving.
If you mean the M3 is a better DD that's not much of a surprise but I just put the watch to my GTR yesterday and you can't tell me a stock M3 can touch a stock GTR. Turbos love cooler weather
Using a Racelogic Vbox:

0-60 2.9seconds
0-100 6.9 seconds
0-150 16.7 seconds
60-130 8.8 seconds
1/4 mile 11.1 seconds at 126mph

-2016 Macan Turbo(GF vehicle)
-2017 Ford Raptor

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