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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I agree with Adam. If the weight comes in close to 3600 lbs and we're only getting 414 hp in the states, I'll be buying another Porsche.
You already know the answer to that question (for comparative purposes).

The E92 M3's Curb weight (total weight of the vehicle with standard equipment, all necessary operating consumables (such as motor oil and coolant), a full tank of fuel and not loaded with either passengers or cargo) = 3485 lbs.

The variance in spec depending on country/region is unlikely to vary no more than 20-30kg (40-60 lbs) from this figure.

Engine power has already been quoted at 420 PS (eq. 414 hp).

When we actually get to weigh a car and test it on a rolling road, these figures may differ, but in terms of comparing it with other cars that should provide you with a sufficient guide.

For example, comparing the power/weight ratio of E92 M3 against the 997 C2S, tells you the following (with the M3 weighing just over 110kg more than the C2S - and 50kg less than the 997 TT by the way);

E92 M3 - 261 hp/tonne
997 C2S - 237 hp/tonne