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Originally Posted by urbo73 View Post
MDM should be the default setting for stability/traction control for the M3. Why? Because the M3 is hampered by "DSC ON". Even in daily driving. Way too intrusive. If you can't control the M3 with MDM, then you are driving a car that perhaps is beyond your skills. DSC ON on a sports car like the M3 doesn't make sense to me, but I understand why BMW puts it in there - too many people buying M3s that don't know proper car control, etc.

At the track, I've never used any stability/traction control and don't plan to with my M3 if I decide to track it (it's leased so not sure yet, plus I have another "fun" car). I've taken a friends M3 last fall at LRP, and had DSC OFF. And with my prior cars (911, Cayman S), I always had PSM OFF. Why? Because I learned w/o any of these things in more rudimentary cars and most importantly they will eat up your brakes! DSC ON/MDM at the track will use your brakes, and that's the last thing you want.

I feel the same way, though at the moment where I live the roads in the morning are like a skating rink, icy roads that are covered in rain, it ain't fun on summer tyres.

When the weather was better I did see the point for MDM but personally I feel even it is too intrusive to fully enjoy the car's capabilities. You get the tail remotely sideways and power is cut and fun's over. When used as an educational tool for an average driver wanting to see the limits of their ability in a safe and controlled way it's great, you will learn how the car behaves near the limits of grip and start to know when grip breaks free. I wouldn't advise anyone new to the M3 and of average skill to turn off DSC completely without sampling MDM first.