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Originally Posted by arr0gant View Post
You missed my point. You can be the best driver in the entire world, the problem is once you're used drivng with it on, if you turn it off during casual drivng you may and WILL forget you turned it off. You'll hit a turn hard, expecting it to save you, and halfway though the spin you realize you forgot that you turned it off. Pretty scary when this happens.
I just can't imagine this scenario for casual street driving - any street driving. I can maybe imagine it for someone who tracks a lot and is used to DSC ON or MDM all the time. And yeah, I can imagine them being too confident should they go back to the same track in the same condition and have DSC OFF. But that's a different thing. Good driving is about awareness and having good reflexes and car control skills. Car control becomes instinctual. If I have DSC ON, MDM, or OFF, and the car starts to spin I'm not going to react any differently. The car may react differently, but I'm not going to. So I don't see this or understand it. I do understand wanting to turn it OFF or at least to MDM. But that's something else as discussed above.