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Originally Posted by arr0gant View Post
You missed my point. You can be the best driver in the entire world, the problem is once you're used drivng with it on, if you turn it off during casual drivng you may and WILL forget you turned it off. You'll hit a turn hard, expecting it to save you, and halfway though the spin you realize you forgot that you turned it off. Pretty scary when this happens.
Probably I was too quick in reading your post - I now see where you are coming from.

Still I think that its all down to driving habit and how comfortable each one of us is at any given point in time. If you mostly drive with aids on (incl MDM) then its a bit unusual to "forget" you turned them off. Turning DSC off entails a 2 sec button push (or the push of the M button) and when someone does so, he/she does it for a specific purpose IMO - be it on track or at the street. Whenever I've personally turned DSC off I was totally focused in what I was doing. I can't imagine myself forgeting it is off - if the phone rings or I am to shift my attention to something else then aids are immediately back on (at least MDM). Maybe I am too disciplined, maybe I am not comfortable with the power & handling of my M3 yet, maybe driving at shitty roads with coefficient of friction next to zero make me feel more comfy with MDM on at least.

Anyway, for me MDM is great in exploring the limits and I feel it does help to get you closer and closer to the limit as the system alows for some sliding. You can still discipline yourself to drive at the limit with MDM so you can get the added benefit of geting back in the right track if for some reason the situation gets out of hand. Drifting and having fun is another story of course - in these cases you simply need to take all aids off and enjoy!

For me daily driving without aids is a no go - I just cant be bothered to be focused all the time. MDM is the way to go and occasionally DSC off when I feel like doing some trail dancing & stuff. I do care not to forget in what mode I am though