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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Do I understand you correctly? You are dissatisfied with how the government performs the tasks it is currently responsible for but you want to give the same people more money and do more tasks??
I guess if you read it that way,that is not my intention. I am saying that I am dissatisfied with our governments performance in the tasks they are responsible for, or should I say the tasks I feel they are responsible for like Education, Healthcare. But how are you getting that I am looking to give more money to do more tasks? Are these not tasks they should already be focusing on? Key word in my statement is "if" it takses more money.

I am willing to give money for a return on a better healthcare system and more stable funding for our education system and more available resources for education in inner cities that lack funding our children are our future are they not? If it is possible off of our current taxing than great but if I lose 5 dollars on a paycheck to see these things help revamp our falling infrastructure I will gladly join in for your future, my future and our kids future.

I feel our elected officials can do this job if we washed this party line BS and worked together but until then I will say that I am very dissastified in there performance as a government and looking out for there fellow countrymen.

I guess I would like to say I have hope which seems like there is definitely a lack of in our country right now.