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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
It's also funny when a fan thinks their team has no flaws and is blinded by this.

Also were you talking about me? Because I live in Mass and I am somewhat of a fan. I really don't care a whole lot for baseball so don't have my one team.

But if you were I really see no one saying how they don't buy their way into the playoffs and how they arent becoming very similar to the Yankees.

You also can't say if you have the money use it. Haha, the Patriots have proven(although I know there is a salary cap) but still they have proven even when though they have the money and possibly free space to pay someone more they still are cheap. They still manage players really good.

Also it is going to be interesting to see what Fancona does with the whole no DH thing. See if what he does is the right thing.
lol.........your posts ==

They're just absolutely lacking logic. I'm just not even going to bother.