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EPS Bass Upgrade

Guys I have read extensively here on all the problems with the stereo systems in our fine cars. I have the same issue with dinky, embarrassing bass and muddled sound on my EPS. And forget about EQ settings. NOTHING makes it sounds good, period. I have tried every one outlined in the forums.

Anyhoot, It seems all of the suggestions for upgrades are a bit dated. What's new out there? Anyone found new underseat woofers that are killer, or a new amp that finally drives the sound to the performance we expected when we opted for EPS? I really don't want to sub out the trunk. There has got to be a way to make this shitty stereo work without doing the trunk upgrade. I am about to battle the dealer on this. Weird stuff in the CD player, too. For example, I loaded Springsteen's Human Touch and the screen says it's an Italian Pop singer's album! W>T>BLOODY>F, right?? Thanks in advance.
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