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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Well I'm running a brembo 380gt kit so heat was never an issue. I check temps in the paddock right after my session is over and around 500 degrees is what my rotors read. Track layout makes a big difference in how much braking you are doing as well. I'm not hitting speeds over 115-120 at Laguna Seca.
Right, and 380mm plus some cool down time can cause the temps to show that. But if you want more valuable data and have some measuring device that can read that high, it is much more beneficial to pull into the hot pits and get an immediate reading. Same goes for tire temps etc. they average 15-20+ degrees drop from hot track time to paddock and you'll get more useful data if you read them in the hot pits.

Do you do a half cool down lap or so prior to seeing that temp? The reason I'm concerned is the ducts are probably functioning better than your numbers suggest. If one starts at 1100 and one starts at 1000 they may still reach 500 ish at around the same time.

I don't mean to seem critical, your setup looks great! But I think it is lowering temps more than the data so far shows, as a result of excessive cooling before measuring.