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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
My rotor temps stayed around 500 degrees fahrenheit at the last event. I'll probably cover up the brake cooling intake area for a session to get updated readings since data from the same day is probably better.
That's very hard to believe. Normal rotor temps are 1000+. Are you pulling into the pits after a cool down lap and seeing 500? If you think about it, rotors frequently get to 1000+; iron does not glow orange at 500 degrees.

Also, if the temps are the same as last event with no cooling but ambient temps are 20 degrees higher, that is not a good sign for the ducts. Ambient has little effect on rotor temps. Ambient has a major effect on tire temp because they only get to ~200, but since rotors get way way hotter than that the ambient being 20 deg off doesn't matter so much.