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Originally Posted by von_zoom View Post
I have run in the rain many times using Mich. PS2s, and they do reasonably well, both with my 525 and E92. Agree, dial it back a bit, and be as smooth as you can, just as you (I hope) do on the street when it is wet.

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On the street, when it rains, I tend to not drive lol....

Or I drive pretty conservatively

You were allowed to keep the windows closed if the value of your car exceeded a certain $ amount...I forgot what it was... either way, my car's MSRP is 84k..add tax...and 10-15k (forgot) in mods...I think I qualified so I kept them closedddd

I had fun. I kept going first I kept traction on..big mistake. I almost went off cause I tried to correct it and had to fight the traction (I have never tracked with full traction on before so I wasn't prepared).

I turned traction off a little to have fun..then I got black flagged so then I kept MDM on

RS3s were really slippery, but they were fun

I had a time of 2:26 at Button 13CW. I never did a timed fully dry session in my car at 13CW Button so I can't compare
It was the fastest time until the Super Advance guys went out on a dry (well drier) track and killed it with 2:07 being the overall best time of the day

The slowest in Super Advance was 2:24 I think? Not sure, I don't remember exactly as I left early. I only did 3 sessions, 1 in pouring rain, one with drizzle but less rain, and one with no rain but a wet track (so many puddles everywhere!)

My line is based on a dry it was hard staying off the concrete stripes and avoiding all the puddles by the apexes.

I took a friend out and she had a blast. She was the best passenger I ever had... quite, didn't scream, bug me, say stuff like "cool! wow!" etc. She knew not to distract me haha