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Just finished this a few days ago. The oil absorbed completely after 2 days, even though it wasn't that warm in the garage, but it wasn't super cold either, maybe around 13 degrees Celsius.

I was hoping for slightly better results, maybe when it's warmer and the leather absorbs the oil better, it will look better?

This is before the application, the passenger seat:

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The driver seat with another leather conditioner on it that I decided to try. It makes it quite oily, but you can still see all the imperfection, and my main issue: the line on the bottom left side of the picture:

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After the Rejuvinating Oil and Prestine Clean, first the passenger seat:

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Now the driver's seat:

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Notice the line is still there? But the little lines near the front of the seat are much smaller, and the seats as a whole from a distance look great, like they are brand new. I'm quite happy with this.

It's the first time the seats were conditioned, and not in the warm temperatures like they were supposed to. I'll take some better pictures later with a real camera and try to put the oil on as soon as it gets warm again. Maybe the leather will "stretch" a little bit and "adapt" and absorb all of these lines as it gets "broken in".

I don't know how you guys don't have any such lines on your seats! Maybe I'm too heavy? The car is only 5 months old...
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