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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
My post was just as informative.
Run against a GT-R from a dig and you'll have a different result.
And the new one is a lot quicker up high. I hit 150 in 17.5

(inserts friendly sarcasm)
duhhh you guys..
The GTR's weakest point is 80-145... No wait... 80-150. My bad 70-135, no any highway speed....
Yes the GTR's power band sucks above 80 because I said so. Ok. I own one...... YES, THIS IS INFORMATIVE info i'm telling you...

What your trying to say is, the GTR puts down its numbers down low. LOW in the rev range.. Coming out of corners, off the line or generally pulling through gears how you would on lots of corners on tracks in America rather then all out autobahn style blasts mentioned here.. It pulls with a freight train of torque from lower RPMS (like most all turbo cars) and doesn't quite pull quite as well up top because the turbo power/torque tapers off at high RPM (unlike the N/A screamer it lost to, despite it having a much higher drag coefficient, and the about the same WHP).

It was funny watching your feeling get hurt, then watching you try and play it off though off though hehe
C'mon from a dig? Race a 2012.. Are you really gonna bust out the low blows. D Nile is a river in Egypt.

The truth is the GTR (even stock) still has....way more torque, more at a lower RPM and more throughout the rev range despite the M3 having its 4.6L (they make around 330-350 but at about 4800 RPM). This is why it took OPs RPM and power @ said RPM "advantage" M3 a bit (125mph) to finally pull away from the GTR

Good job. In my opinion you were the underdog and classic high RPM powerband took the cake on this particular race.
No turbo's, not to much lighter, much higher drag coefficient (especially at 150mph), and a much smaller window of where your power is made (thank DCT for keeping you in that window better than a 6spd) is enough to surprise some forced induction guys

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