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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post

@MD, PT's, or Chiros: could it just be muscle spasms? I had similar symptoms a few months back and my MD prescribed limited exercise (mostly regular walking) and NSAIDS (Ibuprofen) and suggesting serious stretching eventually subsided and I am good now....
absolutely can be an isolated incident, but at some point their had to be some sort of exacerbating activity/event that cause symptom onset. So while rest and anti-inflammatory meds were able to decrease those acute symptoms, what's to say that it won't happen again and/or turn into an chronic-episodic injury. The goal is to learn how to prevent those injuries, by teaching proper mechanics with exercise and/or strengthening supporting stabilizers/core muscles.....

glad you haven't had another exacerbation, hope that you continue not to...

I think we've all stated the two most important things here repetitively:

1) correct posture/form
2) strengthen your core
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