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You cannot design a program for an individual you cannot assess. If you're not assessing, you're guessing. Any program suggestions will likely add to already existing imbalance.

The general strategy for leaning out should be as follows:

1. Maintain your muscle mass by lifting heavy loads in excess of 70% of your one rep max in the hypertrophy (6-12 reps, 60-120s rest) and strength (1-5, 3-5min rest) rep ranges. Focus on multi-joint movements to ensure the utilization of the greatest number of muscle fibers. Your program should be periodized for best results.

2. Foster a calorie deficit via diet and exercise to burn fat. Ever heard of carb cycling?

3. Focus largely on short duration, high intensity cardiovascular exercise to elicit an anabolic hormonal response. Low intensity, long duration cardiovascular exercise is catabolic (muscle wasting); you do not want this.

4. Constantly assess posture, imbalance, weakness, and tightness. This is paramount to avoiding injury and being structurally strong. Not one of my clients comes to me free of imbalance and most are completely clueless of its existence.

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High reps, light weight.

Mix it up though and you wont get huge.
The body will only call upon the exact number of motor units it needs to move a load. If you are lifting light loads for high reps, you will only be utilizing a small portion of your muscle fibers (endurance fibers) to move the load.

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Is not periodized.