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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin View Post
I've had an iphone since the first day it came out. Yes, I camped out for it! I recently just switched out to the verizon s3 and this is what I have to say.
Beautiful display
VERY fast
Love the 4G speed

Interface is kinda shitty. Maybe I'm just used to the iphone!
Typing is horrible along with the crappy auto correct. I've tried many different keyboards already.
Battery drains like mad if you're in an area with OKAY reception (2-3 bars)
The bad is because you are used to the iPhone interface. I made the switch to the iPhone 4s a month ago from the Galaxy SII because the new F10 is very iPhone friendly. I hate this damn phone, the interface is horrible, it lacks some of the creature comforts and simplicity of navigation that the Galaxy had. I am actually going back today to get the SIII as a secondary line and leave this horrible iPhone hooked up to the car at all times.