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I just saw that car at Ring Werk last week. Notice how the bumper is discolored from the body. metal to plastic. if i paid $5K for paint i would be pretty pissed if it didn't match up. i have some up close photos of it on my phone that shows it is several shades off metal to plastic.

on the price, remember that includes 19% VAT. At 81k euro if the euro were to reach parity with the dollar (it might very well do that with this economy) it would be pretty comparable to the US price. higher end cars are much closer now even with the 1.3-1 exchange rate.

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There was a frozen grey M3 at Nuerburgring last month. The car had been there for quite some time - judging by the amount of surface rust on the brake rotors. It was just outside the 'Ring Werk Museum.

Here are some pics...

and... check out the price! That is what they sell 'em for over here!!

and for more Ring photos and story here, incase you missed it!
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