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Eugene-Taiwan Gpwr 60-130 in a 6MT

Hi Guys,

I am been stuck in RAIN and more RAIN in Taiwan its actually been raining for 8 days now and I felt like shit! But this morning when I woke up my praying worked. I saw sunshine finally SUN
so the first thing we did was I got my car washed then waiting until the pavement dried up well enough to go out and so some clean runs. I had my v-box and my Gopro(thanks Eric PYspeed) so I was set to go

Mind you my times are slower then all the reported DCT cars but my car is 6MT so I lost time there. I think the ESS car did it in 8.56 secs. and Sammy's car did it in 8.95 secs. The only think I felt made the big difference with the DCT cars is the Bigglare has 3.62DIFF (please correct me if I am wrong). So this will help with acceleration. I think I am the only one thus far in a 6MT who has done a 60-130 in an s/c kit. But I think Brian's car (Gintani) will be faster then mine. He has more HP and also lighter in curb weight as well which will really help out. getting off the rolling start.

I am currently using RE-11's Bridgestone which I think have enough grip to hold the pwr. On one of my runs which I started off 2nd I felt there was slip but good enough no skretching but felt a little slip (which I think is good) I am only running 275/30/19 on my car which I feel is a good size. So for all the people who want to go smaller but in bigger diameter I don't feel there is a need.

The Temp. was 66.2F which is a good temp. I think if I was in a colder environment I would have done better. I am getting a clutch set up in a couple of months don't know if that will make a difference. I don't think so but you never know when you have lots of HP

I thought I made a 9.0 sec flat run but I think I was mistaken or I am missing some v-box files. But the only one I could locate was 9.29 secs which also made me very happy. I thought I would end up to be around 9.95 secs. but 9.29 is very good. So I am happy with the result so far. I also tried to shift as fast as I could you guys can judge in the vids below tips on how to shift faster is always welcomed


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