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I just had a VF540 supercharger installed 2 weeks ago. The car has come alive and I don't remember what it was like before I got it. Its fun as hell and you don't need bigger brakes. I do have bigger wheels/tires though and still lose traction from a dead stop. However on the roll it holds the road and pins you to the back of your seat. Before I had the supercharger I would always make excuses why I don't need one - "the car is powerful enough without it", blah blah blah. Boy was I wrong. With the supercharger the car has come to life, and its very driveable normally as well.

On the other hand I already have a daily driver aside from the M3 so I can go back and forth if need be. With that being said I find myself driving the M3 a lot more now that its supercharged - its just too damn fun! That's my 2 cents having both perspectives.