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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
I wouldn't say its a strong and responsive engine at cruise. You can hit the throttle in 7th at 75 mph on hte freeway and you barely accelerate and thus have to downshift for any signifigant forward move, therefore their choice in ratio for 7 leaves much to desired. Kind of the worst of both worlds. Not tall enough for decent gas savings but not short enough to be useable
Huh. Never actually tested the auto for top-gear responsiveness, now that I think about it. I defer to your experience.

The six speed M3 won't blow you away in top gear - but it'll certainly blow a Grand Sport Vette away - or even a Z06. They don't get moving in sixth until somewhere near 100.

Edit: Didn't test the auto for top-gear acceleration because it'll kick down right smartly, if memory serves.

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