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Well, now I'm confused. When sitting in LA traffic (thankfully I don't have to do that anymore) with a two cylinder approaching me from behind by splitting lanes, I could always hear them. How is that possible? I must be a super human!

Personally, as a 2 cylinder Ducati rider who has spent a fair amount of time splitting lanes in traffic, I am thankful for my "loud" exhaust. The approaching sound has saved my *ss from the texterchatterjustnotpayingattention driver many times. When I first added my exhaust, I thought that it was too loud (and still feel that way when in residential neighborhoods - hence, you'll see me pushing it into/out of my garage and on to the street in the early morning/late evening). However, after my first day on the 405 with the pipes, my opinion completely changed. People graciously began moving away from me as I came up the lane, which didn't happen before the pipes. Now, I'm not saying that it is my right to have people move over when they are stuck in traffic just so that I can squeeze by while lane splitting. It does, however, make my ride safer and reaffirms my belief in people and their inherent goodness. Personally, I give the thumbs up to everybody that I can that moves over for me. In my opinion, they went above and beyond to keep everybody safe on the road and I truly appreciate that.

In regard to the peace officer that tickets every modified exhaust system that he sees on the road, well, I'm appalled that my tax dollars are being wasted in such a manner (my opinion, not a rally cry/witch hunt). If the person is revving their engine, driving unsafely to show off the sound, or is just a hazard to himself and his fellow drivers, well then, please, write him up. To stop someone who is driving within the speed limit, not revving and who isn't a hazard, well, that I just don't understand. Luckily, in my pleasant interactions with Mr. Law, my exhaust (both cars and bike) have never been an issue.

Sorry OP, I don't have a post worthy M awkward moment.
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