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Hi DiXiS 18,

Note: The sales rep that you dealt with is no longer at VAC. I did not review his email correspondence; I just believed that we were responsible for a miscommunication of sorts so I took appropriate action.

Note 2: Your lengthy post implies that you never received a set of Recaro side mounts. UPS tells me that they were delivered to your home. You also do not mention that you received these for free.

Your situation was brought to my attention on 9/24/12. I was not 100% aware of what was going on between you and my rep, but as soon as it was brought to my attn I acted immediately. I apologized on behalf of my rep before and I will again - sorry that there was some sort of miscommunication between my rep and you – that is 100% our fault.

I did break VAC policy and order different mounts altogether from Recaro that exact day as promised. You bought VAC units for $119, I sent you Recaro units at no charge that we sell for $189.

Since there was a communication delay/error/etc on our end, I took your word and ordered new parts on your behalf even though (at that time) I never received a pic of your issues OR the actual parts in question.

Here is the summary as I saw/see it.
1. You placed 2 orders with VAC. One for VAC floor mount adaptors, one for VAC side mounts and VAC factory seat belt mount kits. Both were delivered to you.
2. You went to install and found that the side mounts did not work with your seats.
3. There was a miscommunication between you and a VAC sales rep that was probably our fault, so once I found out I:
a. ordered Recaro side mounts to be drop shipped to you. I did not charge for these, I ordered in good faith even though these cost much more ($70!) than the VAC units and there was a risk that you would simply not sent the VAC units back, or they could come in damaged or incomplete.
b. opened a memo to be ready for your return
c. asked that you return the side mounts ASAP

4. Recaro notified us that the items were delivered, so we updated the system to show you received the goods
5. Your side mounts arrived at VAC and one was scratched up and unsellable. You also returned incomplete seat belt kits (brackets and hardware were not there)
7. My sales guy contacted you to discuss the incomplete return and never heard back.

Confidential info is blurred for obvious reasons.

Your customer file which shows order dates.

The order in question:

My action on 9/24.

Order for Recaro side mounts placed:

They took 2 days to process it:

Credit memo created to keep track of this situation and allow my shipping guy Mark (MES) to update when the original VAC side mounts are received. Unknown to us, you also returned partial belt kits. Notes were made by Mark when he checked them in. (he says 'set' but means 'side')

Do you still have the brackets and hardware from the seat belt kits? What is a good time for me to call you tomorrow? Let's get this resolved.
Brian Casella
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