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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

Funny how you say "anyone in the know" and then follow it with fallacies.

Look up the reliability and initial quality ratings (not so shitty build quality, eh?). Look up the residual values (rut-roh looks like the GT is above not only the vanilla 3er, but the M3 as well). Check out the observed MPG on the 5.0 and compare that to other 400+ HP V8 cars. See the unbiased reviews and track comparisons by people who do that stuff for a living....

You don't sound like anyone "in the know" at all. The only thing I see in there that is even remotely creditable is your subjective opinion of the interior. Some love it, some hate it, but in the end it's just an opinion. The rest of your tirade is refutable by statistics, facts, and objective tests by professionals.

Also, the comparison of the GT500 vs the Z06 didn't yield a surprising result whatsoever. There's more to a drag race than just what sort of peak HP numbers the car provides. Anyone who expected the GT500 to win obviously doesn't know that. The Z06 should win, and it's absolutely no surprise that it does. There is no "mystery shittiness resulting in subpar real life performance" that netted those results.

Also, the LRA seems to be a big sticking point for a lot of people, and I'll admit it does have its drawbacks.... But at least they include an LSD. Kinda an odd choice for a "rear end that is optimized for drag racing" eh?

Why you getting so mad bro? You don't even have a dog in this fight; you're just gonna come in here and spout ignorant nonsense to shit on OP's thread? Cool shit man. Way to be a douche.