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Originally Posted by SchnellM3 View Post
Interesting... I've talked with a couple friends who are track junkies and they all were swearing by the Stilo. Unfortunately they all live hours away and I don't get to see them often so I've never had the chance to get to try one on, also being where I'm located we don't have any dealers around here for anything. So I'm stuck with purchasing everything from pictures and measurements.

I knew the Ear Muffs were passive noise cancelling but figured since they weren't attached over your head like some of my old aviation headsets that would clamp down with a lot of force it wouldn't be as big of a deal, since they just rest there.. That is one thing I hated about all those headsets was the pressure they put on my head and digging in my glasses it gave me a headache on long flights, until I made the switch to the BOSE...

Hopefully I didn't just wast a ton of $$$$ Do you re-call what the time frame was until they completed yours? I ordered mine about a week and a half ago but still haven't herd anything about it being shipped...
I just got a Stilo as well. Have three track days in them. The ear muffs are very comfortable. I'm sensitive to any pressure on my head, and the ear muffs don't really exert any.