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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Nah didn't realise it's out. I'll get onto it now. I get most of my UFC news from you lately, you're my source as I'm on this forum all the time

I just watched UFC countdown though, it's pretty good. I didn't realise Rampage was so committed to this camp by 'literally' living in the gym. I thought he was just joking when he would say that. I'm not sure how relevant his training was though, I didn't see many other fighters.
Hey bro, I provide the news as well lol!!!

I seriously think Rampage's conditioning will be fine. I wish I had a facility like that to workout at, it's got everything!!! I'd love to try the pool treadmill

I don't know if Le's got it for a run at the title. I'm willling to perdict he's gonna be slower than the last time we saw him in the cage.

I DLed TUF ep 1 last night. I heard from an interview from Miller that this season will have crazy ass fights are fucked up antics. Can't wait!